domenica 31 maggio 2009


Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.
Mark Twain

See It Sunday.

giovedì 28 maggio 2009


All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
Pablo Picasso

domenica 24 maggio 2009

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venerdì 15 maggio 2009

All is possible

If you draw a chalk line on the floor, it's just as hard to walk right on this chalk line as on the thinnest rope. And yet you do it calmly because there's no danger. If you imagine that it's just a chalk line and the air next to you is a floor, you can walk safely on any rope. What matters is inside us, anyone can help us from outside. Not be at war with yourself, live in love and harmony with yourself, then everything becomes possible. Not only walking on a tightrope, but also flying.
Hermann Hesse

giovedì 14 maggio 2009

martedì 12 maggio 2009

lunedì 11 maggio 2009


Color above all, and perhaps even more than drawing, is a means of liberation.

Moody Monday.

domenica 10 maggio 2009

venerdì 8 maggio 2009


What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Photo Friday.

giovedì 7 maggio 2009


Another person's narcissism has a great attraction for those who have renounced part of their own narcissism and are in search of object-love.
Sigmund Freud

Thursday Challenge.

mercoledì 6 maggio 2009

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lunedì 4 maggio 2009


The world was not created once, but is created afresh as often as an original artist is born.
Marcel Proust